How Fit Girls Stay Motivated

Good morning all!  I am in very good mood because I am finally fever free today!  I am feel so much better and I am hoping today has brought you health and well-being today as well.


Quotes are a great motivator for me! Words matter!

At the moment I am very motivated to get moving and back working out but my fear is that this motivation wont last.  I may be motivated for a week or two but after soreness and fatigue set in, my motivation will fade.  I am well aware that motivation, or lack there of, can easily derail any great exercise program.  Here are a few ideas to keep yourself motivated when you find yourself “down in the fitness dumps”.

1.) Look over your goals.  You should always write your goals down, when your motivation is lacking, look those goals over to remind yourself why you started.

2.) Create a motivation board. (I am making mine today) Creative a board full of quotes, pictures, and goals that will help you focus on what you want and why you wanted it.

3.) Pinterest timeout! Take a few minutes to look through the health and fitness section in Pinterest.  You will find the images, ideas, and encouragement that you need to get off the couch and get moving!

4.) Visit me here.  I am human and I fall short of feeling motivated some times too so I know what it’s like to not want to get to the gym or go for that run.  I, however, have a responsibly to lead by example.  Being a strength and condition coach and have practice what I preach so, if you need fitness teammate, I’m it!

5.) Self talk.  Look in the mirror and give yourself what for!  Tell yourself to suck it up, that you are worth it, that what you are doing is important, and that you refuse to give up!  It works, trust me!

“If you are sick of starting over, stop giving up!”

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